Fueled by ideas and ideals bigger than me

I am a transformational strategist, creative director and writer who tinkers with social psychology, philosophy and Harleys. I also write and record music when my instruments beckon me.

To see a list of places I’ve worked, visit my LinkedIn page.

Status Report:
• Working at: AAG to help solve the retirement crisis
• Serving on: The Board of Directors for WillowInternational.org
• Listening to: A lot of Warren Zevon, Andrew Bird, Ravel and golden oldies
• Riding on: Harley Davidson 2014 Dyna
• Reading: The Moral landscape, Maps of Meaning

Brands I’ve worked with over the years

I started my career as a hungry copywriter in New York 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked with a lot of companies. Below is a smattering of some of my favorites.

I help save lives, too

Proudly serving on the Board of Directors for Willow International—a non-profit dedicated to eradicating human trafficking starting at the source, in Uganda—I help plan fundraising events, manage the brand and marketing efforts, and act as the secretary. Want to get involved or donate? Please do. Visit willowinternational.org

Sometimes I write and record music

Between 2013 and 2017, I released two full-length records, went on tour, had the fortune to provide the music for a Grammy-nominated song, and written a few tunes for some indie flicks. Below are tracks from my first salvo, The Wondrous Folly of Vaughn Frogg. Both records can be streamed on Spotify and iTunes.


The Wondrous Folly of Vaughn Frogg

Release date:

Say hello

Drop me a line. Whether strategy-, music-, trafficking-related, or more. I always like getting mail that isn’t spam.